Behind the Scenes: School of Drama, formerly known as the Emer Halpenny School of Drama, was established in 1990 in Stillorgan by Emer Halpenny. The school has grown considerably since, with over 1,000 graduates. Primarily set up to help children build confidence and channel their creative talents through drama and the theatre, many students have progressed into the dramatic arts, and some have made names for themselves in the world of film and television. Our objective is the development of the child through drama. We want our students simply to understand that they are creative geniuses and that we want them to have fun! Whilst we love to perform and allow our students to show off their talents, we believe that the most important part of this whole process is what happens “Behind The Scenes”. In our many years in the school we have seen countless students grow in confidence and we have witnessed their personalities flourish from week to week, and we have found this to be incredibly rewarding for everyone involved.

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Lachlan has been teaching with the school since he joined as a student in 2009 and is a graduate of Trinity College Dublin in English and Film. Lachlan has grown with the school and was a part of its development from the “Emer Halpenny School of Drama” to “Behind the Scenes”. He has a great understanding of the school’s ethos and a passion to put this at the forefront of every class. Throughout his time in the school Lachlan has written and directed many productions for all of the classes, including Borderline, Unspoken, and The Divide which can all be seen on our YouTube channel!


Aisling has been part of the school for over a decade. Throughout her time here, Aisling has been in countless productions but her real passion is what happens ‘’behind the scenes’’. Aisling films and edits every show that is put on, but has directed many productions throughout her time with the school too. With ten years of teaching experience under her belt, it is of utmost importance to her that each student has a distinct voice in the school. She is currently studying interior design in TUD and hopes to apply what she is learning to the creative process of the school. 


Ciara has attended the school since she could walk and has been teaching and assisting with all classes since she was 10 years old. She is our lead teacher for the Special Needs group on a Saturday, and is involved in every aspect of their productions, whether it be acting, directing, choreographing movements to music or working back stage. She is currently attending Muckross Park College in Donnybrook, where she starred as Belle in their transition year musical, Beauty and the Beast. Ciara's main focus is encouraging each and every student to reach their full potential and have fun while they do it.


Jason is currently in secondary school and has been with the school since he was eight years old. During his time in the school, he has found a passion for acting and has performed in many productions throughout the years, including an original piece that he wrote himself. Jason assists with many classes in the school and provides an important helping hand to each teacher and student. As a member of our Youth Theatre, Jason is also able to offer a valuable insight into what our students enjoy the most.

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